The Arabian Jockey Club is a nationally chartered non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the Arabian racing industry in the United States.

Arabian racing was organized in the U.S. around 1959. After experiencing initial growth, today’s Arabian horses are finding their niche in the racing industry along with Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and other breeds. In recent years new opportunities have arisen for competitive Arabian racehorses at major racetracks across the country. It is apparent that the Arabian’s acceptance into the racing world has been positive and that many betting interests are actually favoring Arabians.

Created by a broad cross section of Arabian racing enthusiasts, the AJC is a natural outgrowth of the Arabian Horse Association’s initial effort to support the expanding racing industry.

The AJC was officially chartered as a non-profit organization in December 1987 to represent Arabian racing in the U.S. In 1995, the AJC was reorganized and chartered as a Colorado corporation and is now under the auspices of the Purebred Arabian Trust.

The AJC also has the support and works closely with the Arabian Racing Cup, the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau and the Racing Commissioners International and is a member of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.  Since 1996, the AJC is represented on the Board of Stewards of the Arabian Racing Cup.

The AHA Racing Commission and AJC Racing Committee members and their contact information are listed to the right. For more information, please contact Susan Meyer.

Board of Directors
Susan Meyer – President [email protected]

Kathryn Smoke – Vice-President [email protected]

Bruce Johnston – Sec/Treasurer [email protected]

Hamp Johnston – Director [email protected]

Howard Pike – Director [email protected]

Graded Stakes Committee

Joe Willis – Chairperson

Jon Heningsgard

Jonathan Horowitz

Paul B Husband

Alan Kirshner

Joe Neville

Amanda Roxborough

Racing Commission

Susan Meyer – Chair
[email protected]

Paul Husband
[email protected]

Deb Mihaloff Kirshner
[email protected]

Joe Willis
[email protected]

Susan Willis
[email protected]

Michele Youngdale
[email protected]

Race Mentors

USA Arabian Race Mentors

East Coat Region – DEB MIHALOFF – [email protected]

Upper Midwest, Dakotas, Canada and International – KATHY SMOKE – [email protected]

West Coast Region – CORY SOLTAU – [email protected]

TX,NM,OK,AR,KS,LA – MICHELLE MORGAN – [email protected]

CO,ID,MT,WY,AZ,NV,UT – VALERIE LYNN – [email protected]

Please contact via email the named mentor for the region or state you live in.

Special Projects Committee

Lynn Bennett [email protected]

Hall of Fame / Tent of Honor Committee

Claudia Spears – Chairperson

Lynn Ashby

Stephanie Corum

Paul Husband

Deborah Mihaloff-Kirshner

Contact Us

Arabian Jockey Club 

10805 E Bethany Drive

Aurora, CO 80014

Phone: (303) 696-4570

Fax: (303) 696-4599

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm MST.

We value your comments. Send us your recommendations, criticisms, creative ideas and most importantly, let us know how we can serve you better.