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Arabian Finish Line is a monthly publication celebrating the majesty of the Arabian racehorse and the intriguing people of the racing community.

A definite “must-read” for anyone involved in Arabian racing, Arabian Finish Line is a valuable resource tool no racing professional should be without.

Racing heritage touches everyone who values the Arabian horse- no doubt the non-racing Arabian owner will also find family of his own horse noted in Arabian Finish Line. Insightful, informative and entertaining, this magazine belongs in the hands of every Arabian horse enthusiast.

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A monthly publication by subscription on Arabians throughout the world. Famed for award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this magazine blends beauty with international coverage, history and mystique of the breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed.

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Valuable resource on horse racing information (some Arabian content)

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On Line Publications


Byford, Sharon

The Arabian: A Guide for Owners.

Loveland, CO: Alpine Publications, 1987 (334 pages).Chapter 3, “The Versatile Arabian”, discusses Arabians as racehorses, lengths of races and weights, major races, racing rules, costs and opportunities.

Collie, Keith

Spirit of the Wind: The Horse in Saudi Arabia.

London: Immel Publishing, 1982 (112 pages).Contemporary account with numerous color photographs of racing in Saudi Arabia. Includes a chapter on “Arab Horse Races”.

Del Castillo, Janet

Backyard Race Horse – The Training Manual.

Winter Haven, FL: Prediction Publications and Productions, 1993 (282 pages). Includes buying tips, basic training and conditioning, first-aid, etc.

Edwards, Gladys Brown

The Arabian: War Horse to Show Horse.

Denver, CO: Arabian Horse Trust, 1980 (349 pages).References throughout the book include historical accounts of early-day racing records in the United States (Antez, *Moftakhar, *Orzel, Kontiki, etc.). Chapter 10 includes contemporary racing highlights up to 1980.

Forbis, Judith

The Classic Arabian Horse.

New York, NY: Liveright, 1976 (432 pages). Chapter 20 focuses on “Horse Racing in Egypt” – both historical and contemporary accounts.

Ivers, Tom

The Fit Race Horse / The Science of Arabian Racing.

Solvang, CA: Equine Racing Systems.Includes buying tips, exercises, monitoring techniques, first-aid, etc.

Paul, Melissa, et al.

The Tersk Heritage

Lake Geneva, WI: Tersk Foundation, 1986 (210 pages). Melissa Paul authored the chapter on “The Performance of Tersk Bloodlines” which discusses racing in Russia in great detail.

Schiele, Erika

The Arab Horse in Europe – History and Present Breeding of the Pure Arab.

Alhambra, CA: Borden Publishing Co., 1970 (320 pages). Discusses the most well-known studs of Europe and their breeding programs. Some of the studs included racing as a “test” for characteristics. (translated by Anthony Dent)

Wentworth, Judith D

The Authentic Arabian Horse and His Descendants.

London: George Allen and Unwin, 1962 (368 pages). Chapter 16 is entitled “Arab Racing in India”.