Sammy V won the first HH Sheika Fatima Bint Mubarak Apprentice World Championship race held in Sacramento, California, July 19, 2014, breaking the Sacramento track record set last year by Ayers.

Sammy V ahead 10 lengthsSammy V winning by 10 1/2 lengths easily broke the Sacramento track record of 1:17.45 set by Ayers last year on 7/21/13.

Ayers carried 124 lbs. at age 7 and Sammy V carried 128 lbs. today. The time set by Sammy V was 1:17.40 and just 2 weeks after his big win in Pleasanton.

What an incredibly talented horse!

After Ms. Lara Sawaya made the announcement of the new Triple Jewell Series she asked Sam Vasquez what he thought about it, Sam’s reply “If this doesn’t get people breeding and wanting to race an Arabian I don’t know what will.” He’s right.

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Sammy V wins