Contrary to rumors that California racing will not occur in 2020, the California Authority of Racing Fairs will be finalizing dates as early as next week. These dates and locations will then be considered by the California Horse Racing Board at their next board meeting.

At this point in time such racing would be conducted without spectators and without the concurrent Public County Fairs, but this is subject to the decision by the Governor.

These are uncertain times for all of us and we must accept the disruption to our lives which Covid-19 has made which makes it difficult to plan near future. I wish I could offer you a definite schedule for California racing. I will have more information in the next few weeks to share which hopefully will be positive.

Until then, I hope you will stay positive, keep training, and question any rumors you may hear. The ARAC is working hard to do what we can to support the efforts by the CARF and the CHRB to make this successful horse racing season.

Stay safe,

Cory Soltau DVM, ARAC Chairman